Let’s start with ‘What are essential oils‘?

Essential Oils are aromatic compounds from plants, located in the stem, root, bark, leaves, flower…wherever the oil sac is located.  These compounds act as the immune system for the plant, fighting off bacteria/viruses/parasites, oxygenating the cells and supporting the immune system.  Simply put…they are the plant’s natural medicine.   

One drop of essential oil contains hundreds of unique compounds offering powerful chemistry for combating many different invaders!   

These essential oils don’t just treat symptoms, they work at the root of the problem:  at the cellular level.  

The amazing benefits of essential oils on our bodies are both medicinal and emotional.   So whether you use essential oils for the physical or the emotional aspects, you will see amazing changes happen! 

One of the greatest gifts for our health comes in this tiny potent package!

Let’s address the Elephant in the room...
Many of you have questions about these oils and doTERRA. I certainly did.

1. Will these oils actually work?

2. What is so special about doTERRA?

3. DoTERRA sells through a network marketing model...Doesn’t that make this a pyramid scheme


I want to discuss this because I had the very same concerns…..

So maybe you’ve tried essential oils before … you possibly tried lavender for sleep or peppermint for headaches and it didn’t work.

Not all oils are the same.  They are not created equal.  The oil you buy off the shelf or randomly online may say they are 100% pure oil. It can contain synthetic oil created to smell like lavender or peppermint without any pure essential oil in it.  

doTERRA is not only the largest and most trusted brand in the world …
they are also the most transparent regarding the amount of quality testing on each oil (60 different tests) and the lengths they go to to source the plants from all over the world where they thrive in their natural conditions. This is what puts doTERRA in a completely different category than what you’ll find on store shelves.

What is Adulteration of oils? 

Adulteration is the process of purposefully adding synthetic fillers and additives to the oil, making their product go further.   This is happening everywhere in this industry.   Companies will adulterate their essential oils to increase profits.  When essential oils are adulterated and substances are added, they become harmful and fabricated.

DoTERRA is committed to producing the purest of the purest oils on the planet.  To do this, they created what is called Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade or CPTG to hold themselves to the highest standard of pure oils.  What that represents is a standard by which doTERRA grows, harvests and tests their oils.  

Testing for Purity – Go to the Source

Third party testing is done through APRC (Aromatic Plant Research Center).  They specialize in determining if adulteration is present with synthetic chemical, fillers, etc. in essential oils.    11 different test are completed on each oil batch. DoTERRA then performs another 43 internal tests  with their own scientists on each bottle.   A total of 54 tests on each bottle…every.time. 

DoTERRA uses SourceToYou.com to test their quality and sourcing of every single bottle doTERRA produces.  If you want, grab the bottle of oil you have and go to SourceToYou, scan your bottle and see the most recent quality testing report.   Other Essential oil companies have been invited to use SourceToYou to test the purity of their oils……none have accepted the invite. There is no governing body to keep Essential Oil companies in check, so you have to do your own research.

doTERRA is sold through the network marketing model

When a company has a great product to sell, it’s going to change more lives if it’s shared through a person to person model 

When you purchase a product from the shelf, that’s where the information stops. There is no community support or education to help you as integrate and make changes in your life with the product.
This is what makes doTERRA so great!  You get all the education and support you want before and AFTER you purchase.  

What makes doTERRA different?…

Almost 90% of the 8 million+ people that purchase doterra ..… are customers. These are not people doing the business. They are simply purchasing their products and thats it.
This changes everything about a typical network marketing model. There are many other companies out there that have given this business model a bad rap because they focus heavily on recruiting and making money. Or it might be that you can’t buy the product unless you sell the product. You will notice these companies have a very basic product to sell that doesn’t really change any lives and so they work it into a money making agenda


doTERRA is different.
Not only are the products quality and second to none, but community and culture are everything here and you will come to experience that once your first oil kit arrives.

I work hard to educate and support my customers around the world  
and I care about creating an experience for you that you can not buy from a retail shelf.

Yes, I have a successful business and have incredible women that work with me, and I love it when individuals join our team to make a difference in peoples live, and at the same time become financially independent.  I feel this is so important for women especially and I love that the opportunity exists here to do that.

But I am excited for you to fall in love with the oils, fall in love with the products (I’m confident you will) and then, if you feel that taking care of others is your next step, then become an educator for others.  Join our incredible team and change the lives of those you love and the lives of people everywhere.  

Whether you want to remain one of the 90% that are customers or whether you choose to become an advocate for this health movement, you will feel loved, accepted and supported.  I will connect you with all the resources and education at your fingertips to use when you need it.

I hope this clears up any misperceptions you may have had.  If you still have questions, I am more that happy to hop on a call with you and answer them for you!   

3 ways to safely use doTERRA essential Oils:

Essential Oil 101 Class

Ready to get Started?
3 easy steps to begin:

Step 1

Are you ready to go and know what you want?  Click the button to choose your kit and get your own account set up.

Not quite sure what you need?   Schedule a phone call with me.  I will help you go over your needs and pick what kit is best for you,

Step 2

Schedule a personal consultation with me.  We will go over all your oils and products in your kit and discuss the best ways to purchase the products through your wholesale account.  I will connect you with all our resources to have at your fingertips when you need them.

Step 3

Want to change peoples lives and create health and wellness in others?  It’s easy to do, especially once you fall in love with these oils and what they can do.  Maybe you want to get your oils paid for by getting compensated for sharing with others.    Or maybe you want to create an income for yourself and your family.  

I will mentor you and help you on your journey!  Our team of educators is amazing!  We would love to have you join us!!


The doTERRA difference

 These few short videos explain exactly why I love doTERRA and why I have partnered with them.   It is about serving others and the bigger picture, sustainability and changing lives.   

Along with our Healing Hands Foundation, we work with incredible non-profit organizations around the world, helping to make a difference.   One of our partners is O.U.R. (Operation Underground Railroad), abolitionists of child sex trafficking.  Such an amazing organization to partner with.

Are you ready to find a higher purpose in your life?
Ready to make a difference to others?
This is what doTERRA is all about.
We are making a difference every day.
You can be part of this health and global movement.